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Getting Started with the GAIN – GAIN Coordinating Center

Getting Started with the GAIN - GAIN Coordinating Center
Getting Started with the GAIN – GAIN Coordinating Center

GAIN ABS The GAIN is available online through an account in our GAIN Assessment Building System (ABS). A GAIN ABS account allows users to interactively administer all of the GAIN instruments, immediately generate narrative reports based on the information collected and export the information collected to a data file. It is hosted by Chestnut Health […]

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… contact the GAIN ABS support team: 309-451-7777 or by emailing [email protected] … GAIN ABS SUPPORT TEAM, [email protected] · 309-451-7777 …

GAIN ABS Integration – GAIN Coordinating Center

Integrating GAIN ABS and Electronic records systems If you have an electronic client record system (electronic health record system, case management system, etc.) and you are or are planning to use GAIN ABS, you will want to avoid the duplication of having staff log in to both your client record systems and GAIN ABS. You […]

GAIN Data Manager Monthly Checklist Step-by-Step Walkthrough of …

Chestnut Health Systems will pull data from the GAIN ABS accounts on the 5th of each … folder and email [email protected] to notify the GAIN Data …

News And Announcements – GAIN Coordinating Center

NEW! GAIN CalendaR The most recent 2‐year GAIN Calendar is ready and available for use. If you are unable to download the calendar here, please contact us at [email protected]. Updated! GAIN Bibliography The newest version of the GAIN bibliography is now available. This bibliography is a compilation of studies in which researchers used GAIN data […]

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This form authorizes staff to obtain a GAIN ABS Staff Account for your agency. … Health Systems of any changes by contacting [email protected].

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Overview of Software and Data Services – GAIN Coordinating Center

*Contact [email protected] for information about Evaluation Services

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Download: GainAbs APK (App) – ✔ Latest Version: 1.3 – Updated: 2023 – com.manatlan.apps.gainabs – manatlan – Free – Mobile App for Android

Global Appraisal of Individual Needs– Short Screener (GAIN-SS …

[insert date] from Copyright © 2002-2008 Chestnut Health … 6.6 The GAIN Short Screener and GAIN ABS .

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