icmms1 sun5 lightsurf net what is this

icmms1.sun5.lightsurf.net? – Verizon Community


icmms1.sun5.lightsurf.net? - Verizon Community
icmms1.sun5.lightsurf.net? – Verizon Community

After checking the message logs in my billing report on my verizon, I noticed that a picture message I had sent to an android phone was marked sent ,however, “icmms1.sun5.lightsurf.net” was displayed immediately following the displayed number. Did the android user receive the picture?

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Hai that code means icmms1.sun5.light surf.net this means in case if some one send you some MMS or some kind of pictures then a message will come to your …

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Aug 16, 2022 … To: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]. Subject: Hi! Im up!

What is icmms1.sun5.lightsurf.net? – A number, followed by “icmms1 …


This address is used in order to send and receive MMS on your mobile device. Whenever a picture or Multi Media Message (MMS) is sent to or from the device …

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Hai that code means icmms1.sun5.light surf.net this means in case if some one … Go to the address that was sent to you and you must login using …

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Jan 13, 2010 … Has anyone noticed that our MMS message come from @icmms1.sun5.lightsurf.net – or a server on that domain. I researched the domain and it’s …

can i view photos on icmms1-sun5-lightsurf.net – ArchibaldNevill’s blog


date: 7.03.2012 author: sisura can i view photos on icmms1-sun5-lightsurf.net Can you view the content of the @icmms1.sun5.lightsurf.net. Can you view the content of the @icmms1.sun5.lightsurf.net messages if then how?. unable send photos as attachments to any emails?. @icmms1.sun5.lightsurf.net… how to get a pic back from a deleted. @icmms1.sun5.lightsurf.net… how…

what is icmms1 sun5 lightsurf net?


I’m assuming you found this on your Verizon bill? It means you sent an MMS. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multimedia_Messaging_Service.

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Jan 9, 2022 … The to list is all the phone #’s in the group @vzwpix.com, oh except one person who is on AT&T goes to phone#@icmms1.sun5.lightsurf.net.

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