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Log In – PV Monitoring


Log In - PV Monitoring
Log In – PV Monitoring

Solarman, Omnik, Ginlong, Trannergy. Account : Password : Account info for platform 2.0. Platform 2.0 login guide. Account Type : E-mail :.

Solis PV Inverters-Ginlong Technologiesus


Ginlong Solis(Stock Code: 300763.SZ) is one of the oldest and largest global string inverter specialists, that manufactures string inverters for converting …

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dkruyt/ginlong-scraper: A python script that scrapes PV … – GitHub


A python script that scrapes PV statistics from the Ginlong monitor pages and outputs it to influxdb, pvoutput or mqtt – GitHub – dkruyt/ginlong-scraper: A python script that scrapes PV statistics …



Mar 27, 2019 … In order to provide better service, we will start to switch Platform 1.0 (http://www.ginlongmonitoring.com) to Platform 2.0 (https://m.ginlong.

WesSec/GinMon: Script for parsing data from m.ginlong … – GitHub


Script for parsing data from m.ginlong.com and use it elsewhere – GitHub – WesSec/GinMon: Script for parsing data from m.ginlong.com and use it elsewhere

M.Ginlong Monitoring – Installer guide


Type in the top bar http://m.ginlong.com/login.html and press enter. … We have two different applications for this monitoring platform: Ginlong Home, …

hultenvp/solis-sensor: HomeAssistant integration for the … – GitHub


HomeAssistant integration for the Ginlong Solis PV Monitoring portal. This integration supports the current Platform v2.0 portal (m.ginlong.com) which supports Solis and Solarman PV inverter brands…

How to set up WiFi Monitoring for Ginlong Solis Solar Inverters | DIY …


Every time we sell a Solis inverter monitoring wifi stick, next day we get the question on how to set it up? One of our customers just shared his experience on the installation process and he and was so kind to send it to us. So here we are:

python – Error getting async data from Solis Pro (Ginlong) plataform …


Jan 18, 2022 … … “https://m.ginlong.com/pro/epc/plantview/view/doAsyncPlantList.json” … Safari/537.36′} url = ‘https://m.ginlong.com/login.html’ resp …

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