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Plaxo | LinkedIn
Plaxo | LinkedIn

Plaxo | 1,320 followers on LinkedIn. We’ve been working on exciting and important problems in the consumer Web space since 2002. We pioneered the “smart address book,” and we host over 50 million address book accounts for and for Comcast’s Xfinity Connect experience. In 2008, we were acquired by our largest customer, Comcast.

Comcast Is Shutting Down Plaxo, an Early Social Network – Variety

Comcast is pulling the plug on Plaxo, an address-book synchronization service that the cable giant had once imagined would become a massive social-media property. The Plaxo service will no longer b…

How to Migrate Your Plaxo Address Book Contacts – The Best Cross …

How to Migrate Your Plaxo Address Book Contacts

Step-by-step instructions for exporting your contacts from Plaxo and importing them to an alternative cloud-based address book

Plaxo Shows Us How Painless OpenID Can Be | WIRED

Remember all that talk about how normal, everyday users find OpenID too confusing and difficult to use? And how the login system’s nagging usability issues will prevent it from being adopted by the mainstream web audience? Apparently, those days are almost behind us. Social networking site Plaxo has been testing a new login method that […]

Plaxo Single Sign-On (SSO) – Active Directory Integration – LDAP …

Cloud-based SSO Solution for Plaxo. Connect OneLogin’s trusted identity provider service for one-click access to Plaxo plus thousands of other apps.

Working at Plaxo | Glassdoor,16.htm

What is it really like to work at Plaxo? Join the community to connect with real employees and see what other professionals are saying about their companies.

The career of murder suspect Minh D. Nguyen comes into dispute …

Minh D. Nguyen was charged with first-degree murder. Now some are questioning the career he claimed.

With Plaxo Shutting Down, Evercontact Offers Alternative Contact …

With Plaxo Shutting Down, Evercontact Offers Alternative Contact Service

It was officially announced yesterday that Plaxo will be shutting down as of Dec 31st. For a thorough look into Plaxo’s history and impending closure, check out this Business Insider piece. What exactly is Plaxo? Plaxo is an older address book service, more commonly known as an early social network influencer of Facebook. Indeed, most […]

Plaxo’s surprise: An ambitious contacts-calendar service | VentureBeat

Plaxo’s surprise: An ambitious contacts-calendar service

updated Plaxo, the contacts updating service, was popular briefly a few years ago but then started irritating people — it would constantly ping you with update requests from friends and solicitations to join Plaxo. In short, it got a reputation of being “evil,” and then turned quiet, and we wondered if we’d ever hear from […]

Plaxo | Okta

Easily connect Okta with Plaxo or use any of our other 7,400+ pre-built integrations.

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