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Woodward Academy is an independent, co-educational college preparatory day school located in College Park, Georgia. Founded in 1900, Woodward Academy is one of the oldest independent schools in the United States and is home to over 1,700 students. The school is proud of its long-standing tradition of academic excellence, which is evident in its world-class curriculum and diverse student body. Woodward Academy uses the Veracross student information system to help keep track of student information, grades, attendance, and more. Veracross helps the school stay organized and ensures that all students have access to the most up-to-date information.

“Exploring Woodward Academy’s Veracross System: An Overview”

Woodward Academy prides itself on its commitment to providing the most innovative and comprehensive educational resources available. As such, the school has implemented Veracross, an innovative and comprehensive student information system. This article provides an overview of the key features and benefits of Veracross, as well as how it integrates with other systems used by the school.

Veracross is a cloud-based system that allows schools to manage their data in a secure and reliable manner. It is designed to provide schools with the ability to keep track of student information, including grades, attendance, and other academic records. Veracross also provides a powerful set of features for managing the school’s finances, including budgeting, purchasing, and accounting. Furthermore, it provides a secure environment for the exchange of confidential student information, such as health records and social security numbers.

In addition to providing a secure platform for managing student data, Veracross also provides Woodward Academy with an array of reporting and communication tools. For example, the system provides the school with real-time data and analytics, allowing staff to quickly view student performance and make informed decisions. Additionally, Veracross provides the school with tools for communication, such as a secure email system, a messaging platform, and a mobile app.

Furthermore, Veracross integrates with a wide range of external systems, including the school’s online learning platform, its learning management system, and its library and media resources. This integration allows staff to access student data and other resources in an efficient and secure manner. Additionally, Veracross allows the school to connect with other schools and organizations, allowing for the easy exchange of information and resources.

Overall, the Veracross system provides Woodward Academy with a comprehensive and secure platform for managing student data and other resources. Its powerful features and integration with external systems make it an invaluable tool in helping the school to provide the best learning experience for its students.

“The Benefits of Using Veracross for Woodward Academy’s Administrative Tasks”

Woodward Academy, an independent school in College Park, Georgia, has recently implemented the use of Veracross, a powerful and comprehensive administrative software, for its administrative tasks. Veracross is a cloud-based, unified platform designed to streamline and automate school administrative processes, making them more efficient and cost-effective.

Veracross provides Woodward Academy with a range of features that make it an invaluable tool for its administrative tasks. First, the software automatically produces accurate and up-to-date student records, reducing the time needed for manual data entry. Second, it enables the school to manage student information and track progress, ensuring that all students are meeting the school’s standards. Third, Veracross allows Woodward Academy to communicate more effectively with parents, staff, and students through its secure messaging platform. Finally, the software’s powerful reporting and analytics capabilities provide the school with important insights into student performance and engagement.

In addition to its various features, Veracross is easily scalable, allowing Woodward Academy to add or remove users as needed. Furthermore, the software is secure, with built-in security protocols and data encryption that protect the school’s sensitive data from unauthorized access. The user-friendly interface also makes it easy for administrators to quickly access the data they need.

Overall, Woodward Academy’s use of Veracross for its administrative tasks has been highly beneficial. The software’s comprehensive features make it an invaluable tool for managing student records, tracking progress, communicating with stakeholders, and gaining insights into student performance and engagement. Moreover, its scalability, security, and user-friendly interface make it an efficient and cost-effective solution for the school’s administrative needs.

“How Woodward Academy Leverages Veracross to Streamline Communication”

Woodward Academy is a leading school in the Atlanta area that strives to provide a transformative educational experience for its students. To effectively communicate and share information with students and their families, Woodward Academy has leveraged the power of Veracross.

Veracross is a powerful software platform that allows schools to effectively manage and communicate information. It offers a range of features, including secure student and family portals, a comprehensive student information system, and a robust analytics system. Through Veracross, Woodward Academy can easily share essential information with its students and their families, including courses, grades, and attendance data.

Veracross also enables Woodward Academy to streamline communication. It provides a secure platform on which parents can access important information and submit forms. In addition, the school can send email notifications directly to parents, eliminating the need for paper communication. This allows the school to quickly and securely share important information with parents in a timely manner.

The Veracross platform also allows Woodward Academy to track student progress, allowing teachers and administrators to identify areas of improvement. It also provides a centralized system through which teachers can easily manage student information and grades.

Overall, Veracross is an invaluable tool for Woodward Academy, enabling the school to efficiently manage and communicate information with students and their families. This platform allows the school to share important information securely and quickly, as well as track student progress and identify areas of improvement. As such, this powerful software platform is an essential part of Woodward Academy’s commitment to providing a transformative educational experience for its students.

“What Parents Need to Know About Woodward Academy’s Veracross System”

Woodward Academy has implemented Veracross as its student information system. Veracross is a comprehensive platform that streamlines communication, provides access to student data, and allows families to be more involved in their student’s academic progress. As parents, it is important to understand the features and benefits of Veracross, as well as how to use it.

Veracross is an online platform that allows students, parents, and teachers to access a single system to manage all of their school-related activities. It offers a variety of features designed to provide parents with real-time information on their student’s progress. Through Veracross, parents can view their student’s grades, attendance, and other school-related information. They can also track their student’s progress over the course of the school year.

Veracross also makes communication between parents and school administrators simpler and more efficient. Parents can send messages directly to their student’s teachers and school administrators, as well as receive important school announcements. Additionally, parents can access their student’s school calendar and view upcoming assignments, tests, and other important events.

Finally, Veracross offers a variety of tools to help parents stay organized and informed. Parents can access the Veracross mobile app to track their student’s progress, receive alerts about upcoming school events, and more. They can also view their student’s progress over the course of the school year and view performance reports.

It is important for parents to understand the features and benefits of Veracross and how to use it. By taking the time to familiarize themselves with the system, parents can ensure that they are making the most of this valuable resource and staying connected to their student’s academic progress.

“Using Veracross to Enhance Woodward Academy’s Student Engagement”

Woodward Academy is committed to providing an engaging and enriching learning environment for its students. Veracross, an innovative software platform, has been adopted as one of the school’s primary tools to help meet this objective. Veracross provides a comprehensive set of applications and tools that enable Woodward Academy to facilitate enhanced student engagement.

Veracross’s student engagement capabilities include the ability to easily track and monitor students’ academic performance, enabling teachers and administrators to quickly identify students who may be struggling and provide appropriate support. The system also allows students to access a variety of resources, such as homework assignments, grades, and school news. Additionally, Veracross provides a secure platform for students to communicate with teachers, counselors, and administrators.

Veracross also allows Woodward Academy to customize its student engagement tools to meet the needs of its diverse student body. The system is designed to be easily tailored to meet the specific needs of each student, with an emphasis on providing personalized support. For example, the system permits teachers to create individualized learning plans for their students. This allows teachers to customize instruction for those who may have particular needs, such as students with disabilities or those who are learning English as a second language.

Veracross offers Woodward Academy an efficient and engaging way to support its students. The system’s intuitive design and comprehensive set of features enable teachers, counselors, and administrators to easily monitor and respond to student progress. Its customization capabilities provide an additional layer of support, allowing teachers to provide personalized instruction and resources to their students. In this way, Veracross helps Woodward Academy to create a more engaging and supportive learning environment for its students.


Woodward Academy Veracross is an innovative and powerful tool that can help students, parents, and faculty stay connected. It provides access to school events, grades, and updates, as well as a platform for communication between members of the school community. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, Woodward Academy Veracross is an invaluable asset to the school and its members.

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